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Cozy "Like at Home"

We are producing personal packaging for products. printing on accessories emphasizes the status of the hotel, its individuality, and also creates additional advertising.

Properly chosen hotel accessories will create comfort for your guests and will fill the atmosphere of the room with home coziness.

For some guests, this is the expected standard, for others, it is a great convenience that makes life easier, because these small extra facilities create the ideal conditions for living in a hotel.

Let your guests enjoy their staying!


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Hotel accessories

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Accessories for hotels

Modern hotels are stylish interiors, comfortable rooms, comprehensive service with restaurants, spas and massage parlors. At the same time, accessories for hotels are an integral part of comfort and convenience, as well as help staff maintain cleanliness and hygiene. If you need high-quality accessories for hotels, then use the offers from the company "DIVOSVIT" to buy all the necessary accessories.

The wide range presented in the online catalog allows you to order accessories for hotels in Ukraine for various purposes and provide the facility with textiles, personal hygiene items, perfumes and cosmetics, appliances, personal protective equipment and more. Using the services of "DIVOSVIT", you can buy accessories for the hotel from the best manufacturers, with a guarantee of high quality, at the best wholesale prices.

To make your guests as comfortable as possible, make sure that in your hotel complex, guest house there are accessories for hotels, both essential and related. The products you will find in the "DIVOSVIT" range must have certificates of compliance with current standards and sanitary and hygienic requirements. Choosing accessories for hotels from us, you buy the best products of own production "DIVOSVIT", and also hotel accessories from other checked suppliers.

Advantages of accessories for hotels

Why should you order everything for a hotel or a hotel complex in DYVOSVIT? The products you will find in the online store have the following advantages:

  • compliance with current standards, sanitary and hygienic norms;
  • good quality of even disposable goods;
  • aesthetics;
  • the ability to order branded products on which your logo will be applied in a single style;
  • environmental friendliness, lack of harmful effects on humans, the environment;
  • safety of operation in compliance with the recommended rules of use of objects;
  • possibility to complete a hotel of any class with everything you need;
  • affordable prices from direct manufacturers;
  • favorable discounts on wholesale parties.

The hotel accessories presented in the catalog provide comfort and convenience, a cosiness and atmosphere of the house, support cleanliness and antibacterial protection. Equipping the room stock of your institution with high-quality accessories increases the loyalty of guests, contributes to the image of the hotel, and therefore, recognizability and increase profitability.

Accessories for hotels with delivery across Ukraine

Before you buy hotel accessories, you can consult with the managers of "Дивосвіт" to:

  • decide on the names of hotel accessories and quantity;
  • get professional help in choosing products for hotels;
  • specify the size of the discount for your order.

Delivery of hotel accessories is carried out in the cities of Ukraine and does not take much time.

Buy wholesale accessories for hotels

To meet the needs of each customer, we offer a variety of accessories for hotels. In the online catalog you can always choose and order:

  • disposable hotel accessories (terry slippers / with EVA plastic or rubber sole / non-woven fabric, shower caps, cosmetic and hygiene kits, soap, shoe wipes, toilet liners, disinfected tapes, sewing kits, napkins hands, hair bands, bags and bags for used hygiene items or dirty linen, plastic cups);
  • textile accessories for hotels (terry towels, bathrobes, terry sheets and rugs, bed linen and mattresses);
  • accessories for hotels from the category of personal protective equipment (antiseptics for hand treatment in tubes or disposable sachets, hand gloves);
  • electrical accessories for hotels from the range of household appliances (electric kettles with a tray for hospitality, mini-bars with the function of automatic evaporation of wastewater for storage of alcoholic and soft drinks, food, medicine, functional irons with automatic shut-off function, compact wall hair dryers) ;
  • goods of the category "everything for hotels", including bottle openers, shovel shovels, shoe polish, shoe sponges, etc.
What accessories to choose for hotels?

To choose accessories for a hotel complex, hotel, guest house, hostel, you can follow the following recommendations of experts:

  • for bath and shower. These can be hygienic accessories in sets (shampoos, shower gels, balms for hair and body, lotions, washcloths, soaps), shaving accessories, cleaning the mouth, combing. It is also necessary to take care of the presence of towels for the body and face, hands and feet;
  • bed. Comfortable sleep and good rest are a guarantee of health, well-being and high spirits. Therefore, the bed should not only have a comfortable size and orthopedic mattress. You need to take care of the availability of quality mattresses, sheets and duvets, pillowcases and bedspreads in sufficient quantities;
  • slippers. To create an atmosphere as close as possible to home comfort, you need to buy disposable slippers with open or closed toe. Thus, the feet of guests will always remain warm, protected from pollution, fungus;
  • antibacterial protection. To provide your guests with protection against bacteria and pathogens, you can buy special antiseptic gels, as well as disposable rubber gloves;
  • • additional comfort. Each room must have household appliances. This is a kettle, hair dryer, iron. You can also increase the level of comfort by adding a mini-bar with soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, snacks, desserts.

Take a look at Nestle's vending machines for making coffee drinks. The equipment is delivered from the checked manufacturer, is multipurpose, practical, durable. Hot drinks, depending on the model of the device, are prepared from instant or ground coffee. Specialists of "Дивосвіт" perform installation of units, as well as regular maintenance, refueling to maintain long-term and trouble-free operation of the devices.

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