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Logo slippers will emphasize the style and high level of your hotel..


  • Significant experience of individual orders for the high-level hotels
  • Assistance and help in individual design
  • Own production in Ukraine, logo printing
  • Time-tested international suppliers and manufacturers
  • Slippers for every budget - from economy to premium
  • Approval of the samples before starting the production
  • High quality of products is guaranteed
  • Product safety is confirmed by certificates


with LOGO

We make disposable slippers from the materials you choose and logo of the hotel (embroidery, print, stripes)



We make slippers according to your wishes, style and fashion trends.
Choose the material, the type of the sole and their color, the method of applying the logo, the method of packaging



If you have a limited budget, you will always be able to find slippers from the standard range that will meet your needs.



Disposable children's slippers for your little guests, they are easy to feel fabulous princesses and princes



Disposable folding slippers made of synthetic plastic, as well as convenient classic flip flops for spas, pools and baths.


We put the customer's logo on the slippers with the help of:





Slippers unique design


Slippers Thermal Print Logo


Slippers print Logo


Embroidery slippers Logo


Children's embroidery slippers Logo


Slippers unique design


Sole variants

The thickness of the sole 2-6 mm. The bottom can be trimmed anti-slip material. Casing flizelin or cotton.

When ordering from 10 thousand pairs you can choose the sole color


Slippers house-keeper 28 cm 180 gr.3 mm sole Standard


Slippers children's embroidery LOGO

Sole 3

Flizelin + Mahra Standard slippers


for beauty salons


for swani

Sole 6

Flip flops

Sole 7

Slippers unique design

Sole 8

Slippers print Logo

Sole 9

Flip flops


We make slippers from the materials you choose.

Types of fabric:
velor, fringe, flizelin

When ordering 10,000 pairs, you can choose the color of the fabric


Slippers open fringe 5 mm Standard


Slippers closed fringe 5 mm sole Standard


Slippers + fringe open Standard


for beauty salons


for beauty salons


for swani


Slippers unique design

Slippers for hotels from DYVOSVIT: what and how to choose

One of the conditions for maintaining a high class of service in modern hotels and hotels is to create all the necessary conditions for guests. Caring for customers who stay in the hotel complex even for one night, is manifested in both service and in providing a comfortable, safe stay in the rooms. Therefore, slippers for hotels, designed to maintain hygiene and comfort - is an integral part of the equipment of the room stock.

If you want to buy high-quality slippers for the hotel, made in a stylish design, from materials that meet your requirements and standards, then use the online store DYVOSVIT. The wide range of products allows everyone to make the optimal choice, ordering goods in the required size, the required quantity, with the applied logos. To buy slippers for the hotel, just decide on the name, and then place an order in a convenient way.

In the company "DIVOSVIT" slippers for the hotel to buy in bulk is offered in-house or from proven suppliers. Products are made by professional specialists, on modern equipment, using the best materials. The versatility of quality accessories allows you to use slippers in hotel rooms, as well as in spas, massage parlors, saunas, swimming pools, medical centers, recreation centers or sanatoriums, hostels and guest villas.

Various design of disposable slippers for hotels

Various models of disposable accessories are available for DYVOSVIT customers, which allows them to meet the needs of both small guest houses and chain hotels and 5-star luxury hotel complexes. Pay attention to the possibility of choosing a design:

  • stitched, with the closed form of a sock (cape), without superfluous details, classical white, from a cotton fringe, with a light waterproof sole;
  • stitched velor, with an open toe (cape), with an inner part that has a nice and soft pile of medium height, with almost weightless sole, corrugated sole surface for anti-slip effect;
  • stitched, with a closed toe (cape), terry, with edging on the outer perimeter (framed sole), with a side at the top and with the company logo. The logo is applied by embossing, printing, embroidery. A color, black-and-white sketch, an inscription from letters or numbers can be used as a drawing for a logo layout;
  • stitched textile, with an open sock, an inscription (the press, an embroidery, an embossing), on a light sole, steady against moisture;
  • superlight, with an open sock, from a nonwoven fabric, white, without superfluous details and a decor, optimum at the price;
  • flip-flops made of EVA-material (eco-plastic), with a textured surface, resistant to moisture, elevated temperatures, indispensable for visiting the bath, shower, pool, spa, sauna. Combined color, attractive design;
  • flip-flops are classic, with a rubber membrane over the thumb. Waterproof, non-slip, with a light foot massage effect due to the embossed surface. There are different colors.
Recommendations for choosing slippers from experts

You can order hotel slippers wholesale in the DIVOSVIT company of such type which approaches all your inquiries, corresponds to purpose. It is offered to choose products taking into account the following recommendations of experts.

Swimming pools, saunas

If you need to provide such accessories for swimming pool, sauna, Turkish hammam, Finnish or Russian bath, as well as other places where there is high humidity, then disposable slippers for hotels to buy better made of rubber or plastic EVA-raw materials. Also, such products with an open toe are perfect for beauty salons during the pedicure procedure.

Female, male models and size range

Thanks to the wide possibilities of the DYVOSVIT company you can buy hotel slippers of the different sizes, female, man's, unisex. Therefore, before applying, determine what size you need, whether there is a need for "gender" division of products. Based on experience, we recommend predicting the presence of the most popular sizes (38-42). If you order slippers made of fringe or non-woven material, then both women and men are equally suitable products in neutral colors:

  • white;
  • black;
  • blue;
  • gray;
  • green;
  • brown.
For beauty treatments, as well as for wellness treatments

If disposable slippers for hotels are planned to be used in the SPA salon, massage salon, medical center, which work on the territory of the complex, you can choose economical versions, which are made of light and hypoallergenic nonwoven material, have low cost, provide convenience and hygiene during certain procedures.

Disposable slippers wholesale: features and benefits of the product

Why is it recommended to buy hotel slippers from DYVOSVIT? The products have a number of advantages, including:

  • pleasant tactile sensations. The materials used to make the accessories are soft, pleasant to the body, do not cause discomfort;
  • hypoallergenicity. You can buy the slippers for hotels presented in the catalog with confidence that the products will not provoke allergic reactions in customers (skin rash, redness, itching, breathing problems). Naturally, this condition applies to those users who do not have individual intolerance;
  • environmental friendliness. Materials used in sewing products are cotton-based fringe, non-woven material, EVA-plastic, rubber. These materials do not emit toxic substances into the atmosphere, do not have a harmful effect on humans, animals, the environment;
  • the ability to choose the appropriate design. The range is represented by the most popular models, suitable for hotels of any category and can be used in different seasons;
  • possibility of branding by applying trademarks, trademarks, names. At the same time you can order not only the production of slippers with corporate symbols. DIVOSVIT also supplies other hotel accessories - textiles, cosmetics and hygiene kits. Therefore, using the range of DYVOSVIT, you can fully equip your hotel with the necessary bedding, towels, bathrobes and disposable slippers with the same logo;
  • large size range. Slippers are offered in different sizes, and it will not be difficult for you to choose the appropriate models;
  • three-layer sole in most models of terry slippers. The 1st layer is a cotton fringe (possibly double-sided), designed for pleasant sensations. The 2nd layer is a foam substrate to ensure softness and comfort of the foot. The 3rd layer is the sole made of EVA-material, which prevents slipping when walking. Standard sole has a thickness of 3-5 mm;
  • affordable price. The price of disposable slippers depends on the type of products, manufacturer, quantity. Thus in "DIVOSVIT" you receive exceptionally favorable cost for high-quality production even at purchase of a small wholesale party.

Each pair of disposable slippers can be delivered in a separate package - a plastic bag, which increases convenience and guarantees one-time use of accessories.

Buy disposable slippers

Given the above, for the organization of comfort, hygiene and maximum comfort of your guests, the company DYVOSVIT offers disposable slippers to buy in bulk, at the best prices, with a guarantee of quality for each pair. According to current hygiene standards, disposable slippers must be issued to the guest for 1 day, and the next - to go to waste. That is why, to minimize your costs, choose a profitable cooperation with a wholesale supplier.

Buying disposable slippers in bulk, you have the opportunity to save significantly. For regular and wholesale customers in the company "DIVOSVIT" practices a system of bonuses, discounts, promotional offers are formed. Today you can choose an interesting range, decide on the required quantity and discuss with the manager the size of your savings when ordering in bulk. Delivery of high-quality disposable sneakers intended for hotels, SPA-salons, massage salons, is carried out across the cities of Ukraine.

Slippers for hotels: varieties of products

All products presented in the online catalog "DIVOSVIT", meet the current sanitary and hygienic norms, as well as European standards, can be used to equip social facilities for various purposes without any restrictions. You can buy practical and convenient hotel slippers in various model execution.

Among the most popular species are:

  • hotel slippers of the Classic modelhaving a closed sock, made of terry textile, velor, spunbond, other material. This version of accessories is a universal option for any season, because in such sneakers the toes will always stay warm, not exposed to dirt;
  • slippers for the hotel with an open sock shape, also made of various textiles. Suitable for the summer season, provide excellent ventilation of the foot, do not cause any discomfort while wearing;
  • flip flops, maximally open the foot, with a membrane near the thumb. Such disposable slippers for hotels are mainly made of special rubber or synthetic EVA plastic, are light, resistant to high humidity.

Remember that if your hotel (or other facility) will be provided with the necessary personal hygiene items, the guests, customers will certainly come back to you again and again, counting on home comfort, warmth and security.

What hotel slippers to order in bulk?

The range of disposable products is quite wide, regularly updated with new products. It is possible to buy products on an individual order, with the application on the slippers of the name, image or combined image of the brand, exclusive logo, in any color offered by the manufacturer.

Improving the comfort of the rooms

To ensure the comfort of the room stock, the most acceptable option would be wholesale slippers for hotels, made of terry textile, with a closed or open toe. Soft, comfortable slippers will provide guests with a feeling of comfort, will help maintain a "homely atmosphere".

Anti-slip soles

No matter in which room the sneakers will be used, it is best to prefer products that have a non-slip sole. This feature will increase the safety of guests, will help prevent injuries, both when taking water treatments and in other situations. The sole can have various thickness (height), and also the corrugated surface that excludes sliding on wet surfaces, a ceramic tile, a laminate, linoleum, a parquet processed by paint and varnish of a tree.

Why are terry slippers better?

The products are disposable. This means that hotel slippers can only be used once and for one guest. The most suitable for such purposes are terry textile products. Inexpensive, soft, do not provoke fogging of the feet - all this makes cotton fringe sneakers the best choice.

Why is it better to buy slippers for a hotel with a logo?

To increase customer loyalty, maintain a high status of the hotel or hotel complex, you should buy disposable slippers in bulk with the order of branded products. Modern equipment and high-quality consumables will be used to name the brand (corporations, hotel chains). This feature will provide clarity, brightness of the logo, durability of the original appearance. Also, the presence of the logo on the accessories will emphasize the high status of the company.

Why should your hotel have disposable slippers for guests?

There are certain norms of hotel business standards, which are observed not only in order to maintain the image, but also to ensure that the institution complies with current sanitary and hygienic rules. The presence of disposable slippers is also included in the list regulated by international standards. In addition, if you offer your guests the following accessories, it provides:

  • high level of hygiene. Legs will be protected not only from hypothermia. Also in disposable slippers it is impossible to pick up a fungus, other infection;
  • home comfort. Agree that comfort is an important condition for a quiet and healthy holiday. Therefore, if your guest is provided with slippers, he will be in conditions as close as possible to the home atmosphere;
  • protection of feet and toes from possible pollution (dust on the floor, greasy stains, water).

Cozy "Like at Home"

The availability of disposable slippers provides comfort to your guests and make them feel like at home. It feels cozy to wear slippers after taking a shower or in the morning when you get out of bed!


Individually designed or logo-decorated slippers are a good opportunity to stand out from your competitors, emphasize the style and high level of your hotel. Its individuality, and also creates additional advertising.


your guests can take a piece of your hospitality as a small gift, and use the hotel's cosmetics with warm memories about staying in your hotel. it’s a detail, but feels good!


Using slippers, your guests do not spread dirt on the room and bathroom, and you save on housekeeping and save the floor.

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